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  Phillip Dixon  
Gatefold Shoots
March 1976 - Ann Pennington
July 1976 - Deborah Borkman
August 1976 - Linda Beatty non-gatefold photography
September 1976 - Whitney Kaine
December 1976 - Karen Hafter
June 1977 - Virve Reid non-gatefold photography
August 1977 - Julia Lyndon
December 1977 - Ashley Cox non-gatefold photography only
January 1978 - Debra Jensen
May 1978 - Kathy Morrison non-gatefold photography only
July 1978 - Karen Morton non-gatefold photography only
May 1979 - Michele Drake non-gatefold photography only (with Posar & Morris)
  May 1975 T Formations:  
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July 1975, September 1975, November 1975, October 1976, December 1976, March 1977, May 1977, August 1977, March 1978, May 1978, July 1978, March 1979

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