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Bunny Yeager

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Bunny Yeager, Playboy Photographer

A Portfolio Of Beautiful Women
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January 1955 December 1956 December 1956 December 1957 January 1958
Bettie Page
Lisa Winters
December 1957... Click for more info.
January 1958...
Bettie Page Lisa Winters Lisa Winters Lisa Winters
andLinda Vargas
Cover Collage
by Ralph Cowan
August 1958 December 1958 May 1959 May 1959 April 1963
Myrna Weber
Joyce Nizzari
May 1959... Click for more info.
Cindy Fuller
Sandra Settani
Myrna Weber Joyce Nizzari
Playboy's House Party
Cindy Fuller, Fran Stacy
and Mary Jane Ralston
Cindy Fuller Sandra Settani
January 1964        
January 1964... Click for larger.
Sandra Settani        
and ...    
May 1955  
Double Exposure
pictorial by Bunny Yeager featuring herself
September 1959  
Bunny's Honeys

Myrna Weber, Cindy Fuller, Joyce Nizzari, Bonnie Harrington, Mary Jane Ralston, Lisa Winters and Bunny herself.

May 1994  

Bunny's Honeys photographed by Bunny Yeager with text by Buck Henry

Myrna Weber, Cindy Fuller, Joyce Nizzari Maria Stinger, Christy Foushee, Lisa Winters, Betty Andrews, Carol DuVall, Sandra Settani, Maria Stinger, Danny Sutton and Betty Page
December 1995  
The Real Bettie Paige text by Karen Essex and James Swanson
Including some of Bunny's photos. Illustrations, after Vargas, by Olivia
March 1996  
Playmate Revisited

DeDe Lind previously unpublished photos

July 1996   Playboy Gallery: Bettie Page photographed, in a rare studio pose.
January 1997  
Playmate Revisited

Lisa Winters

February 1997  
Playmate Revisited
Carol Vitale
February 2007  
20Qs   Bettie Page Interviewed by Stephen Rebello with a photo by Bunny Yeager that looks like a painting.

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