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Arny Freytag

Thank you Playboy

Arny Freytag, Playboy Photographer

Arny's work in Playboy from 1977 to 2007 is catalogued here.
Arny is still producing stunning images for Playboy. We're only up to 2007 across the site, so far . . .
149 Playmate shoots, 8 PMOY shoots,
58 Covers, 85 Pictorials
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October 1977
December 1977 March 1978
September 1979
Kristine Winder
December 1977 - Click for more info.
Ashley Cox
Christina Smith
September 1979 - Click for more info.
Kristine Winder
some non-gatefold
Sondra Theodore Vicki McCarty
(bottom right)
September 1979 March 1980 May 1980 February 1981
Vicki McCarty
Henriette Allais
May 1980 - Click for more info.
Martha Thomsen
Vicki Lynn Lasseter
Terri Knepper
March 1981 April 1981 May 1981 January 1982 February 1982
Kymberly Herrin
Lorraine Michaels
Gina Goldberg
Anne-Marie Fox
Anne-Marie Fox
non-gatefold only
March 1982 April 1982
November 1982
January 1983 January 1983
Karen Witter
April 1982 - Click for more info.
Marlene Janssen
January 1983 - Click for more info.
Lonny Chin
Mariel Hemingway
Marlene Janssen
non-gatefold only
Audrey and
Judy Landers
February 1983
September 1983
October 1983
November 1983
Melinda Mays
Ruth Guerri
Barbara L. Edwards
Tracy Vaccaro
Veronica Gamba
Ruth Guerri
some non-gatefold
January 1984 March 1984 May 1984 June 1984
PMOY 1984
Penny Baker
Dona L. Speir
Patty Duffek
June 1984 - Click for more info.
Barbara L. Edwards
Barbara L. Edwards
July 1984
September 1984
December 1984
January 1985 February 1985
Liz Stewart
Kimberly Evenson
Karen Velez
January 1985 - Click for more info.
Cherie Witter
Liz Stewart
with Kerry Morris
Kimberly Evenson
with Kerry Morris
Goldie Hawn
PMOY 1985
February 1986 May 1986
August 1986
November 1986
Karen Velez
Julie McCullough
Christine Richters
Ava Fabian
November 1986 - Click for more info.

Ava Fabian
with Richard Fegley

Devin DeVasquez
November 1986
December 1986
February 1987
September 1987
December 1987
Donna Edmondson
Laurie Carr
Julie Peterson
Gwendolyn Hajek
India Allen

Donna Edmondson
with Stephen Wayda

Laurie Carr
February 1988 March 1988
November 1988
March 1989 April 1989
Kari Kennell
Susie Diane Owens
Pia Reyes
Laurie Jo Wood
Jennifer Jackson
May 1989 November 1989
November 1989
January 1990 February 1990
May 1989 - Click for more info.
November 1989 - Click for more info.
Renee Tenison
Peggy McIntaggart
Pamela Anderson
Natalya Negoda Donna Mills
April 1990 May 1990
October 1990
November 1990
Lisa Matthews
May 1990 - Click for more info.
Tina Bockrath
Brittany York
Lorraine Olivia
Margaux Hemingway
Tina Bockrath
non-gatefold only
Brittany York Lorraine Olivia
January 1991 January 1991 February 1991 March 1991
July 1991
January 1991 - Click for more info.
Stacy Leigh Arthur
Cristy Thom
Julie Ann Clarke
Wendy Kaye
Stacy Leigh Arthur
October 1991
October 1991
January 1992 March 1992 June 1992
October 1991 - Click for more info.
Cheryl Bachma
January 1992 - Click for more info.
Tylyn John
Angela Melini
Tai Collins Swedish Bikini Team
July 1992
August 1992
October 1992
January 1993 February 1993
Amanda Hope
Ashley Allen
Tiffany M. Sloan
Echo Leta Johnson
Jennifer Leroy
Amanda Hope
with Byron Newman

Echo Leta Johnson
with Greg Gorman

March 1993 May 1993
July 1993
September 1993
November 1993
Kimberly Donley
Elke Jeinsen
Leisa Sheridan
Carrie Westcott
Julianna Young
December 1993
January 1994 April 1994 May 1994 July 1994
Arlene Baxter
Anna-Marie Goddard
Becky DelosSantos
Shae Marks
July 1994 - Click for more info.
Patti Davis
July 1994
September 1994
November 1994
February 1995 March 1995
Traci Adell
Kelly Gallagher
Donna Perry
Lisa Marie Scott
Stacy Sanches
April 1995 May 1995 August 1995
October 1995
November 1995
April 1995 - Click for more info.
Cynthia Brown
August 1995 - Click for more info.
Alicia Rickter
Holly Witt
Shana Hiatt Shelly Jones
December 1995
March 1996 May 1996 June 1996 July 1996
Samantha Torres
March 1996... Click for larger.
May 1996... Click for larger.
Karin Taylor
July 1996 - Click for more info.
Amara Ann Dunae Cindy Crawford Jenny McCarthy
August 1996
October 1996
November 1996
December 1996
January 1997
August 1996 - Click for more info.
Nadine Chanz
Ulrika Ericsson
Victoria Silvstedt
Jami Ferrell
Leeann Tweeden
March 1997 June 1997
July 1997
August 1997
September 1997
Jennifer Miriam
Carrie Stevens
Daphnee Duplaix
Kalin Olson
September 1997... Click for larger.
Jenny McCarthy
September 1997
November 1997
February 1998 April 1998
Nikki Schieler
Inga Drozdova
Julia Schultz
April 1998 - Click for more info.
Holly Joan Hart
Linda Brava
May 1998
July 1998
October 1998
February 1999 March 1999
Deanna Brooks
Lisa Dergan
Laura Lee Cover
Stacy Marie Fuson
March 1999... Click for larger.

Lisa Dergan
with Stephen Wayda

Laura Lee Cover Gene Simons
& the KISS Girls
March 1999 April 1999 April 1999 May 1999 June 1999
Alexandria Karlsen
April 1999 - Click for more info.
Natalia Sokolova
Tishara Lee Cousino
June 1999 - Click for more info.
Sable Heather Kozar
PMOY 1999
July 1999
September 1999 October 1999
October 1999
Heather Kozar
Jennifer Rovero
September 1999 - Click for more info.
October 1999... Click for larger.
Jodi Ann Paterson
Jennifer Rovero
and Stephen Wayda
Sable Jennifer Rovero Jodi Ann Paterson
November 1999 January 2000 May 2000 June 2000
PMOY 2000
November 1999 - Click for more info.
Carol and Darlene Bernaola
Brooke Berry
June 2000 - Click for more info.
Jodi Ann Paterson
Mia St. John Jodi Ann Paterson Jodi Ann Paterson
July 2000
October 2000 November 2000 December 2000
Neferteri Shepherd
October 2000 - Click for more info.
Nichole Van Croft
November 2000 - Click for more info.
December 2000 - Click for more info.
Lauren Michelle Hill Chyna Carmen Electra
December 2000 January 2001 April 2001 May 2001 September 2001
Cara Michelle
Irina Voronina
April 2001 - Click for more info.
Crista Nicole
September 2001 - Click for more info.
Brandi Bagley Jerri Manthey
November 2001
January 2002 February 2002 March 2002 April 2002
Lindsey E. Vuolo
January 2002 - Click for more info.
Anka Romensky
Tina Marie Jordan
April 2002 - Click for more info.
Joanie Laurer Tiffany
May 2002 May 2002 June 2002 July 2002
July 2002
May 2002 - Click for more info.
Christi Shake
Michele Rogers
July 2002 - Click for more info.
Lauren Anderson
Kiana Tom Shallan Meiers
Christina Santiago and
Lauren Anderson
August 2002
September 2002 October 2002
November 2002
December 2002
Christina L. Santiago
September 2002 - Click for more info.
October 2002 - Click for more info.
Serria Tawan
December 2002 - Click for more info.
Jordan Teri Marie Harrison Dita Von Teese
December 2002 January 2003 February 2003 April 2003 May 2003
Lani Todd
Rebecca Ramos
February 2003 - Click for more info.
Carmella DeCesare
May 2003 - Click for more info.
Lani Todd
with Jarmo Pohjaniemi
Alison Eastwood Torrie Wilson
PMOY 2003
June 2003
August 2003
September 2003
October 2003
Christina L. Santiago
Tailor James
Colleen Marie
September 2006 - Click for more info.
Audra Lynn
Signe Nordli
November 2003
January 2004 March 2004 April 2004
Divini Rae
Colleen Shannon
March 2004 - Click for more info.
Sandra Hubby
Krista Kelly
Torrie & Sable
or Sable & Torrie
May 2004 PMOY 2004
July 2004
August 2004
September 2004
Nicole Whitehead
Carmella DeCesare
Stephanie Glasson
Pilar Lastra
September 2004 - Click for more info.
Amy Acuff
November 2004
January 2005 February 2005 April 2005 April 2005 May 2005
Destiny Davis
Amber Campisi
April 2005 - Click for more info.
Courtney Culkin
May 2005 - Click for more info.
Christy Hemme Michelle Baena
May 2005 June 2005
July 2005
August 2005
October 2005
Jamie Westenhiser
Kara Monaco
Qiana Chase
Tamara Witmer
Kara Monaco
with Jarmo Pohjaniemi
Sara Jean Underwood
October 2005 November 2005
November 2005
December 2005
February 2006
Amanda Paige
November 2005 - Click for more info.
Raquel Gibson
Christine Smith
Cassandra Lynn
Bridget, Holly
and Kendra
April 2006 April 2006 May 2006 May 2006 June 2006
April 2006 - Click for more info.
Holley Ann Dorrough
May 2006 - Click for more info.
Alison Waite
June 2006 - Click for more info.
Candice Michelle Alison Waite Kara Monaco
PMOY 2006
July 2006
September 2006 September 2006
October 2006
Kara Monaco
Sara Underwood
September 2006 - Click for more info.
Janine Habeck
Jordan Monroe
Holly , Kendra
and Bridget
January 2007 February 2007 April 2007 May 2007
PMOY 2007
Jayde Nicole
Heather Rene Smith
April 2007 - Click for more info.
Shannon James
Sara Underwood
Ashley Massaro
July 2007
September 2007
October 2007
November 2007
December 2007
Tiffany Selby
September 2007 - Click for more info.
Spencer Scott
November 2007 - Click for more info.
Sasckya Porto
Amanda Paige Lindsey Roeper
August 1979  
Another Loving Look
While our 25th-anniversary Playmate was taking a grand tour of the Chicago Playboy Mansion, we were taking another photographic grand tour of Candy.
September 1981  
Girls of the South-Eastern Conference (part 1) photographed by David Chan and Arny Freytag
  tintinnabulating belles still ring out in dixieland
Tawanna Sharp, Kimberly Lasseter, Casey Sweet, Gigi Aldridge, Debra Gregory, Syerelyn Jackson, Joan Villarosa, Lyndi Young, Juliana van Mierop, JoAnne Riggs, Marlene Hall, Eve Vaupel, Donna Crouch, Gina Todd, Jamie Kapeghian, Becky Lewis, Jena Clayton, JoAnne Henderson, Carol Darsey, Mary Landreth and Karen Paige
October 1981  
Girls of the South-Eastern Conference, (Part II), photographed by David Chan and Arny Freytag
  We bring you the second installment of the ladies (and pride) of the colleges in the Southeast. Ah, school daze.
Suzanne Shaheen, Devin De Vasquez, Tricia Doyle, Chole Vilas, Holly Kelley, Carolyn Arnold, Sheri Proffett, Julia Gillis, Tish O'Connor,Crystal McTaggart, Marcia Levy, Shari Helton, Anne Jones, Deanna Rankin, Sallie Crutcher, Pamela Skaggs, Julie Gayle, Debra Kittle, Kathy Murphy, Candy Howell, Claire Peterson and Punnie Brittain
February 1982  
We Wuz Robbed! photographed by Arny Freytag and Neil Leifer - Words by John Blumenthal
in one corner, a playmate: in the the other, the intergender wrestling champion of the world. but who really one?
Andy Kaufman (not nude) and Susan Smith
January 1983  
Blonde Ambitions
The Landers sisters, Audrey and Judy, are, at the ages of 23 and 22, respectively, already familiar faces to American television and movie viewers. After you've perused this pictorial, we think you'll be even greater fans.
February 1983  
The Women of Aspen
Kalla Brandt, Jennifer Busse, Fran Clayton, Holly Cook, Dorian Frankel, Cheryl Gustafson, Karen Isaacs, Eve Lubin, Kelly Marshall, Shawna Massey, Danielle McCann, Lanette Poe, Cynthia Ramstead, Catherine Swanson, Cynthia Thomsen, Anne Trucks, Helen Trucks and Sasha Vanderhoof
September 1984   Playboy's Pigskin Preview (sports) by Anson Mount with photography by Arny Freytag
October 1984  
Babes of Broadway with text by Bruce Williamson
Karen Ziemba, Anna Nicholas, Sam Singhaus, Laine Jastram, Ivy Frank, Donna Williams, Linda Russo, Catherine Cooper, Kasey Cameron, Christina Belton, Belinda Andretti, Cindi Thomas and Debbee Hinchcliffe
July 1985  
Sheer Madness: 12 pages
why stockings give women a leg up on the competition
November 1985  
The Women of Mensa
Elizabeth Rogers, Janel Killheffer, Joy Johnson, Donna Howell, Sheri Blair, Valerie Coel and Joann Harjes
October 1986  
"Oh, Wendy O.!"
Wendy O. Williams
November 1986   Revvin' Devin: Devin DeVasquez photographed by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda
January 1987  
Meet Missy, Republican Porn Star!
Elisa Florez
May 1987  
Diary Of A Hollywood Starlet
Melissa Prophet
August 1987  
Women of Florida photographed by Arny Freytag and David Mecey
Lynne Austin, Anita Faircloth, Amy Weiss, Robin Zourelias, Kristin Leslie, Barbara Ward, Pamela Stein, Christina Murphy, Kelly Jo Dennis, Linda Carroll, Brenda Muenzner, Ashley Brooks, Heidi Guenther, Kristina Hauser and Myra Baldwin
October 1987  
Oh, Donna!
Donna Mills
May 1988  
Kathy Goes Hollywood
say hello again to kathy shower, whose first three playboy appearances helped make her a movie star
August 1988  
The Sunshine Girls 10 pages
  five fantastic playmates in a lazy, hazy, crazy daze of summer
May 1989  
That Glasnost Girl
Natalya Negoda photographed by Arny Freytag and Richard Fegley
September 1989   Body By Winkler: KC Winkler
Ode To Morganna:with text by Curry Kirkpatrick
October 1989  
Working Girl
Bravina Trovato
November 1989  
Working Girl
Margaret Nelson
May 1990  
Papa’s Girl by Margaux Hemingway
hemingway would be proud of this rare granddaughter: she's vintage margaux
October 1990   Gladiator Lace: Marisa Pare
October 1991  
The Governor And The Beauty
  what really happened when miss virginia met chuck robb
Tai Collins photographed by Arny Freytag
April 1991  
Women of the Women’s Colleges photographed by David Chan and Arny Freytag
Barnard, Bryn Mawr, St. Benedict, Mount Holyoke, Scripps, Smith, Vasser and Wellesley are all reprsented
Lisa Pellegrini, Illicia Lori Goodman, Raquel Fisher, Jody Fraser, Shauna McCarty, Debra Lafaye, Alica Rosado, Jennifer Chandler, Suzanne Redmon, Laura Goldbaum, Jeanne Fendler, Jean Gasson, Andria Lee Waugh, Karey Axell, Kathleen O’Neil Voss, Aurora Stuski, Domino Sweete, Deidre Mitchell, Anne Mullahy, Tara Mock, Tori Leslie, Susan Sullivan and Deborah Reel
June 1991  
Funny Girls
Diana Jordan, Rhonda Shear, Kitt Scott, Ria Coyne and Rosanne Katon
July 1991  
Balkan Beauty
  bulgaria doesn't export much to the u.s., but when it does....
eight pages of Sonia Vassileva
January 1992  
Swedish Bikini Team
Uma Thorensen, Karin Kristensen. Hilgar Oblief, Eva Jacobsen and Ulla Swensen
August 1993  
Like Mother, Like Daughters photographed by Arny Freytag
Tamara Davis and her offspring (Dawn and Shannon) prove thar's no tie like a family tie
July 1994  
The First Daughter
Patti Davis photographed by Arny Freytag with text by Michael Angeli
March 1995  
Stunt Women
  meet the daredevil's who do hollywood's dirty work
Cheryl Rusa, Kathleen Conway, Jean Malahni, Alisa Christensen, Trisha Lane and Dana Hee
August 1995  
Girls of Radio photographed by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda
  the best-looking women you've never seen - until now
Ellen K., Janet Layne, Guadalupe Divina, Diane Ray, Shelly Jones (cover), Tracey Ray, Lizz Cufari, Vanessa Conner, Jennifer Masterman, Jessica Lee, Joy Pons, Karen Nobis, Tempest and Amy Lynn Baxter
February 1996  
American Gladiator ZAP (Raye Hollitt)
March 1996  
The Stripper Next Door photographed by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda
Amara Ann Dunae (cover), Sissy, Dionne, Heather Banks, Kimberly Donahoe, Sandy Gorski, Ashton, Bo Jeanne, Alexis, Devon Chandler, Kelley Jackson, Lisa Franzen, Tammie Sadowski, Samantha and Kelley Eden
April 1996  
Playmate Revisited
Lillian Müller photographed by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda
May 1996  
Electra photographed by Arny Freytag and David Mecey
there's nothing complex about carmen's high voltage appeal
July 1996  
The Girls of Venus Swimwear
  Build a better swimsuit and the babes will beat a path to your beach
Holly Gannon, Jennifer Allan, Ami Cusack, Kim Estess, Angela Andrews, Johan Berube, Heather Kademan, Genny Jordan, Carie Lee Rino, Stefanie Hastings, Christy Patrick, Bridgette Allan, Misti McDuffie, Valerie White and Robin Leigh Brundage
August 1996  
Hard Bodies
Jennifer Goodwin, Amy Fadhli, Leeann Tweeden, Lisa Carr, Debee Halo, Dana Dodson, Elizabeth Story, Julie Bourque, Christine Lydon and Stella Azocar
December 1996  
Saturday Night Specials
Shannah Laumeister, Lesli Kay Sterling, Kimberly Rowe, Kate Rodger, Sally Kirkland, Cheryl Bartel, Kira Reed and Gabriella Hall
March 1997  
Jayne Mansfield, Bette Page, June Wilkinson, Tempest Storm and others
March 1997   Playboy's Guide To Spring Skiing (article) by Charles Plueddeman
June 1997  
Electra Magnetism
Carmen Electra photographed by Arny Freytag
June 1997  
Playmate Revisited
Lisa Baker photographed by Arny Freytag
July 1997  
Playmate Revisited
Brandi Brandt
Playmate Revisited
Karen Velez
Blond Ambition
Jenny McCarthy
October 1997   Mad About Christina: psychologist Cristina Barone
February 1998  
Couch Tomatoes photographed by Arny Freytag
juli and doria of playboy tv’s night calls take phone sex to new heights
May 1998  
Playmate Revisited
Veronica Gamba
April 1998   Brahms Bombshell: Linda Bravaalt (Violinist)
June 1998  
Fly Girl
Naval Flight Officer Lieutenant Frederica Spilman
August 1998  
The Women of Iceland with text by Bruce Jay Friedman
are the most beautiful in the world? to find out we sent our reporter to the land of buried shark's meat, reindeer stew and black death cocktails
Birna Willard, Dua, Birta Bjornsdottir, Katia, Zara, Thora Skuladottir, Arngunnur Agisdottir, Lovisa Gudmundsdottir, Arna, Helga Bjorg Kolbenisdottir, Dagny Heidarsdottir, Kristin Arnardottir, Thora Dungal, Edda Run Ragnarsdottir and Runa Magdalena Gudmundsdottir
March 1999   The Girls of KISS: photographed by Arny Freytag
June 1999   Pussycat Dolls
July 1999  
Girls of Hawaiian Tropic photographed by Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda
Brooke Richards, Jennifer Braff, April Abraham, Nicole Carter, Gemma Sutton, Renee Slaughter, Patti O’Donell, Michell Damm, Carrie Flaska, Jennifer DeYonker, Tenniel Cacayan, Kalin Olson, April Morgan, Tanna Holly, Jennifer Canale, Michelle Vaden, Charlotte Arlt, Angie Chittenden, and Johan Berube
November 1999  
The Knockout
Mia St. John photographed by Arny Freytag
January 2000  
Mini-Hef: Verne Troyer (not nude) with Petra Verkaik and Julie Lynn Cialini
Verne Troyer gets a waist-high view of how our founder lives—and survives to tell the tale
November 2000  
In the ring, the WWF star could crush you. In PLAYBOY, she takes off her clothes.
December 2000   Carmen Electra
December 2000  
Women Down Under
Michelle Johnston, Racheal Ingram, Samantha Bolton, Imogen Bailey, Gloria Howearth, Radana Povolny, Bree Maddox, Melissa Hallstrom, Joanne Ziegeler, Lucy Halliday, Jane Redman, Natasha Buttle, Simone Suthiwart-Narueput, Kelly Anne Walls, Divini Bean, Gayna Rowling, Olena Karpina and Tisha Eve Williams
February 2001  
Surfer Girl
Amy Cobb eats heartily and does crazy things on the waves. Her pictures will inspire you, too.
April 2001   Naked Bikes (lifestyle) by James R. Petersen
April 2001  
Girls of the Hard Rock Casino
  They work a round-the-clock backstage bash. It's only rock and roll, but we like it—especially in the nude.
Robin Robyn, Richelle Williams, T.J., Summer Sunday, Brandi Bagley (cover), Nicole Brock, Chrysti Dunn, Kristen Galioto, Bobbie Palmer, Tina Del Conte, Tracy Dean, Misty Newton, Shannon Dupont, Leah Beckett and Venus
September 2001  
Grit and wit made Jerri a star of the Outback
  Jerri Manthey
January 2002  
Warrior Princess
  Chyna is gone, but Joanie's bod still kicks ass.

Joanie Laurer photographed b Arny Freytag

April 2002  
The darling of the mall is back—all grown up and with a new album.
May 2002  
Kiana Tom
As host of ESPN2's top-rated Flex Appeal, Kiana is the shape of things to come
July 2002  
The Making of Fox TV's Search for a Playboy Centerfold
  Hundreds vied for the honor of winning Fox TV's Playmate search. We have a backstage pass.
Lauren Anderson, Shallan Meiers, Christina Santiago, Danielle Day, Wendy Culp, Alexis Contopulos, Sara Schwartz, Jill Scott, Katie Hadorn and Jennifer Nahra
September 2002  
Britain's Bad Girl
Britain's reigning bad girl made a big impression on Hef. We say welcome.
  Jordan photographed by Stephen Wayda. and Arny Freytag
December 2002  
Dita Von Teese photographed by Moshe Brakha, Arny Freytag and Marilyn Manson
  The world's top fetish model turns us on.
March 2003  
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold: Katrina Barellova
A former intelligence operative from the former Czechoslovakia shows off her gadgets.
May 2003  
Torrie Wilson - WWE Wrestling Goddess
Ms. Wilson gives us a Woodrow
September 2003  
The Women of Starbucks photographed by Stephen Wayda and Arny Freytag
  Who are you calling slackers? These caffeinated cuties will perk up more than your coffee.
Lindsay Garren, Elizabeth Paradise, Signe Nordli, Erica Loveless, Kimberly Frazier, Penny Lynn, Elizabeth Dindial, Marcia Lee, Sheri Horner and Kattie Bruce
December 2003  
The Great 50th Anniversary Playmate Hunt
In January 2004 Playboy Celebrates Its 50th Birthday With A Special Anniversary Issue Featuring The Perfect Playmate.
Here Are The Curvaceous Candidates photographed by Stephen Wadya and Arny Freytag
Meagan Campbell, Angela Miller, Qiana Chase, Ashley Massaro, Andrea Marin, Amber Mross, Courtney Culkin, Scarlett Keegan, Krista Kelly, Izabella Lukomska, Ashley Pulda, Amanda Melissa, Sarah, Vicki and Rachel Satterfield (triplets), Jacqueline McKinnon, Jennifer Ponkratz, J'Tia Taylor, Hiromi Oshima, Yvonne Black, Amber Campisi, Amy Robinson, Allya Wolf, Chantal Vachon, Roxanne Siordia, Kimberly Holland, Meagan Rodelat, Melissa McGlone
March 2004  
No Holds Barred
And no clothes allowed. Get in the ring with the WWE's hottest stars, Torrie Wilson and Sable
May 2005  
Real Desperate Housewives photographed by Arny Freytag and George Georgiou
Whoever said "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife" certainly never met these real-life domestic goddesses.
April 2005  
Hemme Hits Hollywood
Step out with Christy Hemme, the WWE's fiery new RAW Diva, as she shows us how she paints the town red.
September 2005  

Swedish Blondes

we searched high and low and now it's official: the world's most beautiful blondes live in sweden
Alexandra Andersson, Simone Cronstrand, Louise Henziger, Rebekah Johansson, Emma Johnsson, Elita Lofblad, Lisa Martensson, Jessica Oakley and Cindy Paulsson
November 2005  
Dancing Queen photographed by Richard Fegley and Arny Freytag
Hot-to-trot Playmate Kelly Monaco won ABC's Dancing With the Stars.
November 2005  
Girls Next Door article by Steve Pond, photos by Arny Freytag
Holly, Bridget and Kendra, turn fantasy into your reality.
April 2006   Candice Michelle with text by David Hochman
September 2006  
One Night As Paris: 6 pages of Natalie Reid
Check out everyone's favourite hotel heiress in the nude--sort of--when our look-alike checks in as Ms. Hilton.
September 2006  
Love Thy Neighbor 10 pages
The Girls Next Door - Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt - are back for more, this time in fantasy themes of their own devising.
November 2006  
Poetry In Lotion photographed by Arny Freytag with reportage photos by Ric Moore
Meet the well-bronzed contestants of the Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant, now without their bikinis.
Carin Ashley, Amanda Corey, Candice Guerrero, Samantha Harris, Loredana, Alba Nadal, Oona O'Connell, Edina Pantinchin, Natalie Thomas, Melissa Tingley, Natalie Weston
March 2007  
Hot For Teacher photographet by Arny Freytag
Erica Chevillar give a lesson in physical education
November 2007  
The Bunnies Are Back
At the Playboy Club at the Palms in Las Vegas, some extraordinary women are reviving the Bunny tradition. Meet the new breed

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