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I'm sorry but the facility to run the form that was on this page for a very long time has been removed by my Web Hosting Provider.
While I work at creating new forms please contact me by email.
All available magazines have a PayPal payment link on the page which includes shipping within the UK.
International Orders.
If you are outside of the UK and would like to order magazines you can do so direct from the site but please remember to add appropriate international shipping.
Alternatively, please let me know which ones and your address. I'll then send you a PayPal-Payment-Link that will include international shipping to your door.
If you have any questions about a magazine or if there's an aspect of Playboy I can help with please don't hesitate to contact me.
Issue out of stock?
If there is an issue that you're looking for that's not shown as being in stock please do let me know and I'll add the request to the database. Please let me know when you need it by and if one turns up within the timescale I'll be in touch.

Playboy Collections

I'm always interested in buying Playboy Magazine Collections.
In the first instance please send me a list of the magazines as text within the body of an email.

E.g.     You can add notes if you like but it's not neccessary.
  1968   Complete Jan & Mar, Rusty staples
  1977   Jan - Dec, missing June
  1988   Complete
  1999   Complete - Tear to May cover
  Newstand Special   Playmate Review Number 5
  Newstand Special   Book of Lingerie Number 14
  Supplement   Wet & Wild On Campus
      etc etc etc
If any are not USA or UK English please indicate which Country and Language.
I am based in the UK. Please also tell me where you are located.

I'll work on the basis that ALL magazines meet the following condition criteria - except where noted.
Complete:   The magazines must be complete and include all perforated pullouts.
Covers: Covers and centrefolds must be firmly fixed.
Staples:   Staples should be clean and free of rust with no pulling.
Spine:   The cover should have little wear especially the spine with no tears, stains or labels.
Writing:   There should be no writing anywhere on or in the magazine.
Odour:   As much as possible they should be free of odour.
You'll need to be okay, in principle, with sending the magazines, at your expense, to Scotland.
Tell me about the Collection. . .
I'll normally always try to respond the same day. At the least it should be the next working day.
Thank you.
Andrew Read 1/1 9 Glenelg Quadrant Glasgow G34 0DG United Kingdom TEL: +44 (0)141 773-1719