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In the in 670 magazines up to December 2009, 675 women have been Playmate of the Month.
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Bust   Waist   Hips   Height   Weight   Youngest
32"   18"   27"   4' 11"   85 lbs   16
Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.
    Heather Van Every  *(+4)      Joni Mattis  *(+1)   Carmella DeCesare       Sue Williams  *(+1)   Joni Mattis   Elizabeth Roberts
Bust   Waist   Hips   Height   Weight   Oldest
41"   28"   39"   6' 2"   150 lbs   35
Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.   Playmate image.
Rosemarie Hillcrest   Rebecca Scott  *(+1)     Unne Terjesen    *(+1)   Cara Michelle   Christine Williams   Rebecca Ramos
* Where multiple Playmates share the same statistic I've only shown here the earliest. View the addendum.

Since the Sixties the average Playmate's weight has stayed the same but the average height has increased by four inches. The average bust size has dropped an inch as has the waist the hip size has remained roughly the same.

Most popular month for a PMOY's first appearance is December with 10. June 2006 and July 2007 were both the first times the PMOY was from these months' Playmates.

The only Playmate to have been Born On The Fourth Of July is Tish Howard, the July 1966 Playmate. There have been a number of instances of two non-related Playmates having been born on the same day. Most notably that of Joyce Nizzari and Joan Staley because there appearances were in back to back issues, November 1958 and December 1958 respectively.

The most common age for a Playmate is 21. Most Playmates appear around an average age of 22 but there are some who have done so in their 30's.
Dolores Donlon (August 1957), Janis Schmitt (February 1978), Eloise Broady (April 1988), Gillian Bonner (April 1996) and Tiffany Fallon (December 2004 and PMOY 2005) were all 30 just before their Playmate shoot. Bettie Page (January 1955), Susie Diane Owens (March 1988) and Arlene Baxter (December 1993) were 31 while Kathy Ann Shower (May 1985) was a Playmate at 32, and a PMOY at 33. Cindy Brooks (April 1985) and Julianna Young (November 1993) were 33 for their Playmate shoots. Rebecca Ramos has them all beat though with her January 2003 appearance at the age of 35.

The most common Month for the Birth of a Playmate is August with the 1st being the most common Day of the Month and Tuesday the most common Day of the Week. No Playmates were actually born on Tuesday 1st August.

The most common first name is Jennifer, with eleven, and Virgo is the most common star sign.

Within the USA Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, South Dakota and Vermont have all yet to provide a Playmate, California has provided the most.
Outside of the USA Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Ukraine and Vietnam have already done so.

Facts & Figures There has however only been the one instance of three non-related Playmates being born on the same day, Brandi Brandt October 1987, Helle Michaelsen August 1988 and Melissa Evridge August 1990.

Monica Tidwell (November 1973) was born on January 14th, 1954, by which time Playboy's 2nd issue was on the newsstands, making Monica the first Playmate to be younger than Playboy.

Kristina and Karissa Shannon (July/August 2009), born on November 2nd 1989 were the last Playmates to have been born, Bettie Page (January 1955) born on April 22nd 1923 was the first

Playmates have appeared in their pictorials with dogs, horses, cats including an Ocelot, cows, chickens, an elephant, geese, goats, an Iguana, pelicans, pigs--and rabbits, of course.
Some Firsts
First woman called a Playmate: Margie Harrison (January 1954)
First appearance of the Playboy Bunny: (January 1954)
First triple-page centerfold: Marian Stafford (March 1956)
First Phi Beta Kappa Playmate: Alice Denham (July 1956)
First filled out Data Sheet: Marianne Gaba (September 1959)*
First Canadian Playmate: Pamela Gordon (March 1962)
First Asian Playmate: China Lee (August 1964)
First black Playmate: Jennifer Jackson (March 1965)
First Playmate younger than Playboy: Monica Tidwell (November 1973)
First two-sided centerfold: Nancy Cameron (January 1974)
First to sign her centerfold: Jill De Vries (October 1975)
First published Data Sheet: Sondra Theodore (July 1977)*
Most Common
Bust   Waist   Hips   Height   Weight   Age
34"   24"   34"   5' 7"   110 lbs   21
Bust   Waist   Hips   Height   Weight   Age
35.29"   23.45"   34.73"   5' 6.8"   115.02 lbs   22.02
Figures and other elements of this page are based on Playmates up until December 2009 using the available statistics.
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