Playboy Magazine February 1997 vol.44, no.2
February 1997, Playboy cover image.
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CoverEcho Leta Johnson, Anna-Marie Goddard, Rachel Jean Marteen and Jami Ferrell photographed by Stephen Wayda
Lingerie can be much ado about little nothings. As a Valentine, Playmates (clockwise from bottom left) Echo Johnson, Anna-Marie Goddard, Rachel Jean Morteen and Jami Ferrell show us their underwares. We say bravo! The cover was produced by Marilyn Grabowski and shot by Stephen Wayda, with makeup by Alexis Vogel, hair by Daniel Dicriscio for Jose Eber Salon, Beverly Hills and styling by Jennifer Tutor. Our Rabbit shows up in a supporting role.
PlaymateTrue West
miss february woke up to her california dream
Kimber West photographed by Stephen Wayda
InterviewLawrence Schiller interviewed by David Sheff with photography by Kathy Amerman
a candid conversation with the journalist-entrepreneur on his inside view of o.j.'s camp plus fate liaisons with jack ruby, gary gilmore and marilynn monroe
20 QuestionsConan O’Brien interviewed by Warren Kalbacker with photography by David Rose
the hair enchanced talk show host cracks wise about his alma mater, his brush with tv death and this treatment for a sore throat
ProfileJohn Kennedy (Jr.) by Jim Dwyer with photography by George Georgiou
actor, lawyer, publisher, married man—camelot's prince tackles his destiny
PictorialsCIA Operativephotographed by Richard Fegley
cia operative jayne hayden steps out of the shadows
Playmate Revisited: Carol Vitale photographed by Bunny Yeager
a nonstop beauty stars in her own show
Heart Couture photographed by Stephen Wayda
love's whatnots are fit to be untied
Playboy Gallery: the great Dane, Brigitte Nielsen photographed by Herb Ritts
from the december 1987 pictorial "gitte the great"
Articles and FeaturesPlaybill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Raw Data, Wired, Music, Movies, Video, Style, Books, Health & Fitness
Men - The Rules For Men by Asa Baber
The Playboy Advisor, illustrated by Istvan Banyai
The Playboy Forum - the continuing dialogue between playboy and its readers
The War On Our Children by Arnold Trebach and Scott Ehlers
Profiles Of Repression the goverment has found the enemy—and it's us by James R. Pertersen
Sex And The Super Bowl (article) by Kevin Cook, illustrated by Blair Drawson
Playboy's History Of The Sexual Revolution
Part Two: by James R. Petersen, illustrated by Wilson McLean and Tim O'Brien
The End Of The Age Of Innocence - (1910-1919)
and  Time Capsule - Raw Data from 1910-1919
Sex And Censorship
Tin Pan Alley - Tunes Of The Time
sAn Office Romance (fiction) by Terry Bisson, illustrated by Steven Guarnaccia
The Way You Wear Your Hat (article) by Michael Walsh with photography by Chuck Baker
Hats & Coats (fashion) by Hollis Wayne
Playboy Party Jokes (humor) With Leroy Neiman's Femlin
Cupid's Quiver (romance)
The Slings Of Desire (article) by Dick Lochte, illustrated by Fred Stonehouse
Saturday Nite Jive (humor) cartoon by Bill Johnson
Playmate News: Playmates Online, The Playmate Book, Glamour Girl Contest, Playmate Gossip
Where & How To Buy
Playboy On The Scene - what's happening, where it's happening . . .
Grapevine . . . and who's making it happen
Alanis Morissette, Bobbie Paulson, BR5-49, Sarah Jessica Parker, Carmen Palumbo, Moby, Deborah Textor
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement

CIA spokesman Mark Mansfield confirmed to the Washington Times (18th January 1997) that Ms. Hayden had indeed been a CIA employee until 1996.
Conan O’Brien is interviewed for the February 1998 issue.

176 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.