Playboy Magazine May 1989 vol.36, no.5  
May 1989, Playboy cover image.
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Natalya Negoda photographed by Arny Freytag
Say hello to glamorous glasnost girl Natalya Negoda, the Red-hot sex star who's wowing 'em from Minsk to Minneapolis. The sultry Soviet actress was photographed by Contributing Photographer Richard Fegley for our cover, which was produced by West Coast Photo Editor Marilyn Grabowski. Natalya's hair was styled by Patrick Swan for Schumi, London; make-up by Dima for A La Mode Agency/L.A. Oh, and be on the watch for our Rabbit.
Our First Noel
sunny monique, who brings us christmas in may, is a woman with a past—several of them
Monique Noel photographed by Richard Fegley
Playmate image
Monique Noel
Susan Sarandon interviewed by Claudia Dreifus with photography by Benno Friedman
a candid conversation with the unconventional star of "atlantic city" and "bull durham" about sexiness, commitment and life on her terms
20 Questions
Richard Lewis interviewed by Dick Lochte with photography by Bonnie Schiffman
psychotherapy's favourite comic relives the day he tossed his hawaiian shirts and reveals just what it cost to make it in his parents' bed
Just Don't Call Him Jerry by Bill Zehme with a painting by Ed Paschke
geraldo on holiday is a pussycat. no perverts or thugs to menace—just the odd flying chair
Scandal memoir by Michael Thomas with photography by Lewis Morley, David Bailey, Tom Collins, Byron Newman
a quarter of a century later the girls who toppled the tories are finally in the movies
with original photos of Christine Keeler, plus Britt Ekland, Bridget Fonda, Joanne Whalley and Gloria Jones
That Glasnost Girl photographed by Arny Freytag
ripe and ready for sexual revolution is little vera's natalya negoda, making movie history in moscow
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours
- a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Raw Data, Movies, Music, Video, Books
Sports - Telling Jocks On Them Shelves by Dan Jenkins
Men - The Little Orphan Girl by Asa Baber
Women - We're Gonna Get You Suckers by Cynthia Heimel
The Playboy Advisor, illustrated by Dennis Mukai
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
The Last Taboo by Ron Kirkby, Ph.D.
The Human Fly (fiction) by T. Coraghessan Boyle  illustrated with a painting by Roger Brown
Burning Desires: Sex In America (article) by Steve Chapple and David Talbot with illustrations by Kinuko Y. Craft
in a four-part series,
the authors do the job someone had to do: a cross-country exploration of how america reinvented pleasure in the age of sexual terror

Part Two - The Right To Party
Design by Giugiaro (modern living) by Olmstead Hill with photography by Richard Izui
Loafing In Style (fashion) by Hollis Wayne with photography by Richard Izui
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
Knockout Looks (fashion) by Hollis Wayne with photography by Douglas Keeve
Here's Looking At You (fiction) by Donald E. Westlake, illustrated by Steven Guarnaccia
A Touch Of Glass (modern living) with photography by Richard Izui
Playboy's 1989 Baseball Preview (sports) by Kevin Cook, illustrated by Anita Kunz
Playboy On The Scene - what's happening, where it's happening and who's making it happen
Super Shopping with photography by Steve Conway and James ImbrognoGrapevine: Maureen Flaherty, Sam Brown, Anita Baker & Everette Harp, Jane's Addiction, Kirsten Allen, Brian Setzer
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
Natalya Negoda is a Russian actress.
198 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.