Playboy Magazine January 1972 vol.19, no.1
January 1972, Playboy cover image.
(l-r, t-b): Willy Rey, Liv Lindeland, Crystal K. Smith, Claire Rambeau
photographed by Mario Casilli, Alexas Urba, Dwight Hooker, Pompeo Posar - collage photo is by Bill Arsenault
Body English
lucky londoners: miss january, marilyn cole, becomes public relations girl for our thamestown hutch
Marilyn Cole (in the first full frontal pose by a Playmate) photographed by Alexas Urba
Playmate Image
Marilyn Cole
Germaine Greer interviewed by Nat Lehrman with photography by Pat Morin
a candid conversation with the ballsy author of "the female eunuch"
The Moment of Truth (symposium)
seven exceptional competitors talk about those mental and physical factors that determine the difference between triumph and defeat
with Joe Frazier, Al Unser, Vida Blue, John Brodie, Marty Liquori, Larry Mahan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Tarot: A Fresh Look At An Arcane Art by Ray Russell with photography by Alexas Urba
playboy explores an ancient enigma and offers a selection of contemporary cards
Playboy's Playmate Review
a portfolio of the past delightful dozen
Liv Lindeland, Willy Rey, Cynthia Hall, Chris Cranston, Janice Pennington, Lieko English, Heather Van Every, Cathy Lynn Rowland Crystal Smith, Claire Rambeau, Danielle de Vabre, Karen Christy
Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange"
mindless violence and twisted sex suffuse an ebon vision of the near future
Warren Clarke, Malcolm McDowell, Partick Magee, Adrienne Corri, Miriam Karlin, Michael Bates
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours
-a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Books, Movies, Recordings, Theater
The Playboy Advisor
The Playboy Forum - an interchange of ideas between reader and editor on subjects raised by "the playboy philosophy"
Artemis, The Honest Well Digger (fiction) by John Cheever, illustrated by Spanfeller
The Playboy Car Stable (modern living) by Ken W. Purdy. with photography by Richard Fegley
My First Amorous Adventure (article) by Robert Graves, illustrated by Ken Graning
The Parrot Who Met Papa by Ray Bradbury illustrated by Don Baum
At The Interface: Technology And Mysticism (dialog) by Arthur C. Clarke and Alan Watts, illustrated by Don Ivan Punchatz
What's Your Intimacy Quotient? (quiz) by Gina Allen and Clement Martin, M.D. with photography by Richard Fegley
That Was The Year That Was (humor) by Judith Wax, illustrated by Bill Utterback
The Killing Of The Everglades (article) by Richard Rhodes, illustrated by Bill Utterback
Sexometrics (humor) by Bob Post
The News Media: Is That All There Is? with photography by Don Azuma
Electronic Journalism (article) by John Chancellor
Print Journalism (article) by Harrison Salisbury
Fashioned For The Future (attire), illustrated by Barron Storey
An Interview With The Censor (humor) by Gene Siskel, illustrated by Arnold Roth
The 11th-Hour Santa (gifts) with photography by Mel Kasper
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
The Loves Of Franklin Ambrose (fiction) by Joyce Carol Oates with illustrations by Vincent Arcilesi
What To Do With The Sunday New York Times (humor) with photography by Bill Reider
by Dawn's Early Light (food and drink) by Thomas Mario with photography by Banner & Burns, Inc.
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Of White Houses (article) by F.P. Tullius with illustrations by Paul Hogarth
Confessions Of A Corporate Head-Hunter (article) by Allan Cox with photography by Peter Mikalajunas
Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas, on heavy cover stock paper and on the reverse . . .
Sotheby's (man at his leisure) by Leroy Neiman
The Exhibitionists (humor) cartoons by Phil Interlandi
I'm Busted! (article) by Garry Willis, illustrated by James McMullan
Who Stuck The F*L*A*G In Reverend Titcomb? (fiction) by Richard Hooker, illustrated by Grashow
Take Me To Your Tailor (humor) by Robert Morley, illustrated by Bill Bryan
Letter From A Liberated Woman (ribald classic) with illustrations by Brad Holland
Playboy's Annual Writing Awards
On The Scene (personalities) - Dr. Leon Speroff, Paul Williams, Jack Shelton
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
Vargas Girl
Marilyn Cole first appears in a pictorial in the August 1971issue. Later she went on to be Playmate of the Year 1973. Marilyn's PMOY pictorial appears in the June 1973 issue. This is the first full frontal pose by a Playboy Playmate.. Marilyn is also the model on the cover of Roxy Music's Stranded.
There is a new photo of Marilyn Cole by Pompeo Posar in the April 1984 issue.
Janice Pennington the May 1971 Playmate appears topless in an advert for Playboy Subscriptions.
Carol Willis the July 1970 playmate appears topless in an advert for the 1972 Playboy Calender.
This month Playboy Common Stock was $23.50 per share -  equivalent in 2022 purchasing power of approximately $160. Average pay in 1972 was $7,133.80.
In May 2022 Plby Group Inc was $9.20 per share. Working backward that'd be equivalent in 1972 purchasing power of approximately $1.41.
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