Playboy Magazine February 1978 vol.25, no.2
February 1978, Playboy cover image.
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Hope Olson photographed by Claude Mourgin
Ah, yes, it's February, the month of Saint Valentine. Playmate Hope Olson bears no resemblance to any queen of hearts we've ever laid a stack of chips on, but that's because photographer Claude Mougin got his inspiration from a 19th Century playing card he bought in an antique store. Senior Art Director Kerig Pope, who designed the cover, says he and Mougin "really put our hearts into it.- Honest. He said that.
Meet Her in St. Louis
if you're looking for miss february (and why wouldn't you be?), try the bike paths or the playboy club
Janis Schmitt photographed by Ken Marcus
Playmate Image
Janis Schmitt
Don Meredith interviewed by Lawrence Linderman with photography by Carl Isi
a candid conversation with "daddy don," television's drawlin' sportscaster
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
there are the usual boy-meets-girl liaisons—then there are those boy-meets-what pickups that are out of this world
Bridgett Rollins photographed by Bill Arsenault
Playmates International

the girl next door can be just as beautiful when next door is 8000 miles away
Doris Anders, Elizabeth Plaza, Yue Ching, Ursula Buchfellner, Beate Grotzinger, Darcy Aleixo, Patricia Morales, Jasmin Kompatscher, Marie-Luise Gassen, Anna Thorberg, Bea Fiedler, Katia Scolari, Mona and Anne
Articles and Features Playbill
The World Of Playboy - hef sightings, mansion frolics and nightlife notes
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Selected Shorts
The New Body Snatchers (short) by Nat Hentoff
Dirty Little Secrets (short) by David Butler
Vargas Girl The Playboy Advisor
Playboy Sex Poll - an informal survey of current sexual attitudes, behavior and insights - by Howard Smith
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
Wired To The Teeth (sports) by Neil Amdur
The Human Factor (fiction) by Graham Greene, illustrated by John O'Leary
Beyond The Basics (attire) by David Platt
Pushed To The Edge Part One: The Ice Climb (article) by Craig Vetter
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
Jambalaya! (food) by Thomas Mario
Sazerac! (drink) by Emanuel Greenberg
The Female Ego (essay) by Jules Siegel
Way Down West In Mexico (travel) by David Standish
The Albert/Albert Exchange (humor) by Richard Liebmann-Smith
The End Of The World (article) by Senator George McGovern
Eureka! I'm Coming (article) by John Lobell
Playboy Pad: Lofty Ambitions (modern living)
The Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas
There's Room For Two (ribald classic) by Marquis DeSade, illustrated by Brad Holland
Going To New Lengths (modern living)
Playboy Funnies (humor)
Playboy's Pipeline - plastic foods, a hi-fi check list, safe-deposit boxes and collecting detroit cars
Think Tank - an insider's look at everything you need to know and keep up with to flourish in the later part of the 20th century
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
On The Scene
what's happening, where it's happening and who's making it happen
Habitat - Sports - Gadgets - Grapevine: Sexcetera
Hope Olson appeared as the Playmate in the October 1976 and in a pictorial in the August 1977issue.
Janis Schmitt was 30 when she posed for her Playmate shoot.
Bridgett Rollins is the May 1975 Playmate.
Ursula Buchfellner is the October 1979 Playmate.
At the time of this interview Don Meredith was in his second stint as a Monday Night Football commentator. He'd retired, in 1968, from the NFL, where he he had been a Dallas Cowboys quarterback.
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