Playboy Magazine December 1976 vol.23, no.12
December 1976, Playboy cover image.
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Ann Pennington and Deborah Borkman photographed by Phillip Dixon
the neon rabbit head behind march playmate ann pennington (standing) and july playmate deborah borkman is the longest continuous piece of neon ever constructed by gabor kadar, who specializes in oddball neon structures. it's so long, in fact, that kadar passed out while blowing the air into the tubing during the cover shooting. he's fine now, thank you, if somewhat out of breath
Making Tracks
playmate karen hafter thinks air travel is for the birds. so when she made the move from new york to california, she kept a low profile
Karen Hafter photographed by Phillip Dixon
Playmate Image
Karen Hafter
O. J. Simpson by Lawrence Linderman and Fred Robbins with photography by Grant Edwards
a candid conversation with the best-liked, best-paid football player ever
Portfolio Pompeo Posar
the second in this series in which playboy photographers display some of their favorite shots
Cyndi Wood, Susan Kiger, Janet Lupo, Beth Hyatt, Eva Maria, Cynthia Myers. Salvador Dali with nude models, Anulka Dziubinska, Donna Michelle, Brandi Peters, Linda Carlsen, Kim Komar, Carole Green, Karen Christy and Lise Kaiser
Casanova: (film) by Fellini
the bizarre excesses of history's most notorious swordsman are brilliantly caught on film in frederico fellini's casanova
Margareth Cleminti, Tina Aumont, Chesty Morgan, Maria Montez, Donald Sutherland
Sex Stars of 1976 by Arthur Knight
when the big money's in packaging, not in personalities, attaining stardom can be a chancy proposition
David Bowie, Sarah Miles, Kris Kristofferson, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford, Victoria Principal, Jessica Lange, Margaux Hemingway, Lauren Hutton, Marisa Berenson, Ryan O'Neal, Ann'Margret, Genevieve Bujold, Beau Bridges, Karen Black, Raquel Welch, Robert De Niro, Jacqueline Bisset, Giancario Giannini, Mariangela Melato, Charlotte Rampling, Dominique Sanda, Jiona Lewis, Romy Schneider, Isabelle Adjani, Harry Reems, Marilyn Chambers, Sylvia Kristel, Perry King, Stefanie Cassini, Pam Grier, Ken Norton, Sam Elliott, Misty Rowe, Barbara Carrera, Sylvester Stallone, Lonette McKee, Marjoe Cortner, Lynnda Kimball, Jan-Michael Vincent, Jayne Marie (Jayne Mansfield's daughter), Tina (Jean-Pierre Aumont's daughter), Taryn Power, Lillian Müller, Azizi Johari, Claudia Jennings and Sharon Clark Weber
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours
Selected Shorts
Goodbye, Joey Ernst by Edgar Smith
To Tell The Truth by Thomas Plate
Gay (fiction) by Joyce Carol Oates, illustrated by Larry Laslo
Merry Christmas From The Colonel (memoir) by Dick Gregory with James R. McGrawwith photography by Bill Arsenault
The Playboy Advisor
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
The Puritan Press (opinion) by Al Goldstein
Trial Of The Warlock (fiction) by Norman Mailer, with a fantastic illustration by Kinuko Y. Craft
by Vargas
Are You Sexually Liberated Enough To Make It With More Than One Person Or Species At The Same Time And If Not , Why Not?
or, what did you do during the sexual revolution, daddy? (quiz) by Barbara Nellis and James R. Petersen, cleverly, illustrated by Pat Nagel
Working Out (article) by Bruce Jay Friedman, illustrated by Greg Wray
Playboy's Christmas Cards (verse) by Judith Wax
Playboy's Party Jokes with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
All The Presidents' Women (article) by Peter Ross Range, illustrated by John Youssi
Playboy's Christmas Gift Guide (gifts) with photography by Don Azuma
What Is Life? (fiction) by Robert Sheckley, illustrated by Ed Gorey
Honey (article) by Honey Bruce with Dana Benenson, illustrated by Kerig Pope
Party Favorites! (attire) by David Platt with photography by Peter Gert
Party Favorites! (food and drink) by Emanuel Greenberg with photography by Norma Kamali
Sexual Congress (article) by Peter Ross Range
Standing Up For Las Vegas (article) by Mario Puzo
The Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas
The 1977 Playboy Music Poll (music) with illustrations by George Eisner
Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus (humor)
When Ragtops Were in Flower (article) - 1930s ragtop autos - by Brock Yates with photography by Richard Fegley and illustrations by Kinuko Y. Craft
The Indiscreet Jewels (ribald classic) by Denis Diderot, with an interesting illustration by Brad Holland
Little Annie Fanny ventures into a nude retreat (satire) by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder
Word Play (satire) by Robert Carola
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
On The Scene Habitat: Hail To The Chef
Sex: Diaphragm Redux by William J. Helmer with photography by Bill Franz
Gadgets: with photography by Richard Izui
Fashion: Adding interest - with photography by Michel Tcherevoff
Grapevine: Jeff Tornberg, Jerry Orzoff and Rich Melman, Joseph Papp, Norman Seef, George Benson
Travel: Toronto's On To Something with photography by George Hunter
Sexcetera: illustrated by Dan Clyne
Karen Hafter appears in a pictorial, August 1977 and on the cover of the October 1976 issue.
Ann Pennington is the Playmate for March 1976 and Deborah Borkman is the Playmate for July 1976
Claudia Jennings is the November 1969 Playmate and PMOY 1970.
Sharon Clark Weber or Sharon Olivia Clark is the August 1970 Playmate and PMOY 1971.
Azizi Johari is the June 1975 Playmate
Cyndi Wood is the Playmate for February 1973 and PMOY 1974
Susan Kiger is the Playmate for January 1977.
Janet Lupo is the Playmate for November 1975
Eva Maria appears on the cover and inside in the "Ripped Off" pictorial in the March 1975 issue.
Cynthia Myers is the Playmate for December 1968
Anulka Dziubinska is the Playmate for May 1973
Donna Michelle is PMOY 1964 and the December 1963 Playmate.
Kim Komar was Playboy's Press Editor when Pompeo Posar photographed her for the August 1975 issue.
Carol Green appears in a pictorial in the December 1980 issue
Karen Christy is the Playmate for December 1971.
Double page Porsche 924 advert on pages 18 - 19.
Marilyn Lange the May 1974 Playmate and the PMOY 1975 makes a naked appeal for new Playboy subscribers on pages 38 - 39
At this point in history Orenthal James Simpson was the Running Back for the Buffalo Bills. In 1973 he had been voted the league's Most Valuable Player. He was interviewed again for the October 2003 issue.
India Allen, (Playmate  December 1987 and PMOY 1988) while working at a veterinary hospital in Beverly Hills, witnessed O.J. Simpson strike his then-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1983. India testified to this in the 1996 civil trial.
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