Playboy Magazine December 1973 vol.20, no.12
December 1973, Playboy cover image.
Cover Playboy Bunny and Model Bonita Lu Rossi photographed by Bill Arsenault designed by Kerig Pope
Playmate Image
Factory Tested
don't tell christine maddox that modeling isn't easy; she used to work on an assembly line
Christine Maddox photographed by Richard Fegley
Bob Hope interviewed by William Bill Murray with photography by Charles W. Bush
a candid conversation with the fast-talking daddy warbucks of comedy
Pinups photographed by Bill Arsenault with illustrations by Kerig Pope
living dolls re-create a unique art form spawned when the world was less complex and the pleasures more ingenious
Barbi's Back! photographed by Mario Casilli
the busy miss benton stars in a triumphant return engagement
Sex Stars Of 1973 by Arthur Knight
in a year of sex and violence on the screen, the biggest waves were made by black belts in the erotic and martial arts
Linda Lovelace, Marlon Brando, Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, James Caan, Al Pacino, Ali MacGraw, Steve McQueen, David Carradine, Barbara Hershey Seagull, Kris Kristofferson, Diana Ross, Roger Moore, Gloria Hendry, Jane Seymour, Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, Warren Oates, Pam Grier, Tamara Dobson, Jane Fonda, Jaye Dunaway, Dyan Cannon, Brigitte Bardot, Glenda Jackson, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, Charles Grodin, George Segal, Sally Kellerman, Karen Black, Anne Randall, Claudia Jennings, Valerie Perrine, Dayle Haddon, Angel Tompkins, Tiffany Bolling, Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Ron O'Neal, Richard Roundtree, Stella Stevens, Raquel Welch, Marilyn Chambers, Georgina Spelvin, Edward Albert, Marisa Berenson, Victoria Principal, Johynny Crawford, Dominique Sanda and Maria Schneider
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Dining-Drinking, Movies, Recordings, Theatre, Books, MusicThe Playboy Advisor
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
Sexual Behavior In The 1970s, Part III : Sex And Marriage (article) by Morton Hunt
The Golden Christmas Ducat (fiction) by Frederic Morton, illustrated by Charles Bragg
Tyranny Of Weakness (opinion) by Garry Willis with photography by Richard Fegley
The World's Most Dangerous Book (article) by Alan Watts, illustrated by Kinuko Y. Craft
Playboy's Christmas Cards (verse) by Judith Wax
Flame Is The Name Of The Game (drink) by Emanuel Greenberg with photography by Don Azuma
Playboy's History Of Organized Crime (article) by Richard Hammer, illustrated by Ron Villani
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Blender (humor) by Terry Catchpole, illustrated by Chas B. Slackman
Is The Supreme Court Soft On Pornography? (humor)
The Spree (fiction) by V..S. Pritchett, illustrated by Roy Carruthers
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
The True Story Of The Invention Of Women (fiction) by Roger Price
Presto! Change-o! (attire) by Robert L. Green with photography by Mario Casilli
Uncle Shelby's Mother Goose (humor) by Shel Silverstein
Miss Coynte Of Greene (fiction) by Tennessee Williams with a painting by Chuck Wood
Playboy's Christmas Gift Guide (gifts) with photography by Don Azuma
Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas
A Real Mickey Mouse Operation (article) by D. Keith Mano, illustrated by Jerome Podwil
The Escalator (fiction) by Gunter Grass, illustrated by Robert Tallon
Love & Lust In Vegas , illustrated by Alex Ebel
It's Just Like You're Two Rubber Titties (article) by Dan Greenburg
A Town So Tough (article) by John Gregory Dunne
A Playboy Pad: Texas Time Machine (modern living) with photography by The Ant Farm
The Monk Who Wouldn't Lie Down (ribald classic), illustrated by Brad Holland
Truth, Beauty & The Wolf At The Door (humor) with photography by Bart Harris
A Profusely Illustrated History Of Sex (humor) cartoon by Arnold Roth
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
Vargas Girl
January 1972 Playmate Marilyn Cole makes an appealing appeal for more Playboy subscribers on pages 40-41.
Christine Maddox appears on the cover of the July 1974 issue and in the June 1978 pictorial "Moons in June".
Barbi Benton in on the cover, March 1970,  May 1972, December 1985 and in pictorials in the March 1970, January 1975, December 1985 issues.
Page 48 is a full page advert for the Pulsar LED Digital Watch—retail $275 or $1,508 in 2014 dollars.
Ian Lloyd, lead singer of the band Stories, advertises TDK cassettes tapes on page 303.
A bumper 340 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.
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