Playboy Magazine July 1966 vol.13, no.7
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In The Swim(suit) Penny James, Patti Reynolds, Joann Russell, Barbara Shaw, Joey Thorpe photographed by Larry Gordon
it was a chill day and with the hounds of spring lagging a hell of a long way behind winter's traces when a group of us from editorial, art and picture departments convened before the crackling fire in the playboy mansion's fireplace to braindoggle this issue's cover. some hours later, with visions of summer icumen in after all, the meeting adjourned. some hours later, with several tons of sand spread on on our studio floor and five lovely naiads basking 'neath the lights in bikinied and bunniform array, this july cover was shot to celebrate high summer and the pleasures that pertain thereto.
Patrician Playmate
our haut monde miss july is a delectable debutante
Tish Howard photographed Bill Figge and Edward DeLong
Playmate Image
Tish Howard
Ralph Ginzburg interviewed by Nat Hentoff
a candid conversation with the convicted publisher of eros and other erotica, condemned by a new supreme court criterion on obscenity
Sean Connery Strikes Again!
in an unbonded film frolic, 007's alter ego finds seduction a haphazardous assignment
with Sue Ann Langdon and Jean Seberg (from the movie "A Fine Madness") photographed by David Sutton
Ursula with photography by J. Derek, T. O'Neill, Pierluigi, C. Samugheo, L. Shaw, B. Smith, F. Wolfe, B. Yeager
a pictorial report on her ascent to sex stardom
plus stills from . . . "The Blue Max", "What's New Pussycat", "The Tenth Victim" and "Up To His Ears".
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours
The Playboy Advisor
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase
The Playboy Forum
Vargas Girl
On The Secret Service Of Her Majesty The Queen (parody) (Part 1 of 2) by Sol Weinstein
The Bespoke Ford (modern living) - The Ford GT40
The Better Man (fiction) by Ray Russell
Slices Of The Apple (nostalgia) by Rex Stewart
Red China, The U.S. And The U.N. (opinion) by Max Lerner
The Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas
The Day Arnold Palmer Was Blackballed (humor) by Peter Andrews
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
Don't Laugh Unless It's Funny (fiction) by William Saroyan
In The Swim (attire)
Gyps That Pass In The Night (article) by J. Paul Getty
The Royal Ascot (man at his leisure) by Leroy Neiman
The Generous Gift Of Gabon (ribald classic)
The Alfresco Brunch (food and drink) by Thomas Mario
On The Scene (personalities)
Little Annie Fanny gets caught under the robes of the KKK (satire) by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder
Tish appears in a pictorial in the April 1967 issue. Tish is the only Playmate to have been Born On The Fourth Of July.
Penny James was Miss Colorado USA for 1962. Penny also appears on the cover of the October 1965, October 1966, March 1969 and August 1969 issues.
Ursula Andress is a Swiss-American actress.
The Alberto Vargas illustration in this issue is also in the November 1986 issue.
170 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.
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