Playboy Magazine August 1967 vol.14, no.8
August 1967, Playboy cover image.
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Lisa Baker photographed by Alexas Urba
lisa baker, who wears the playmate of the year diadem on our cover and who crowns the issue itself with six color pages inside, is the third playmate selected by our readers as the years best after an editors' deadlock.
DeDe Girl
a taste of travel finds our soft-spoken, freckle-faced august miss poised for future flight
DeDe Lind photographed by Mario Casilli
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DeDe Lind
F. Lee Bailey interviewed by Nat Hentoff with photography by Jerry Yulsman
a candid conversation with the controversial counsel for sam sheppard, carl coppolino and "the boston strangler"
Lisa Baker photographed by Bill and Mel Figge
november's lisa baker handily outpolled her rivals in april's playmate play-off to win the crown of centerfold queen
Make Room For Sherry photographed by Ron Joy
onetime video moppet sherry jackson's latest movie shows she's a big girl now
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Movies, Books, Theater, Dining-Drinking, Recordings
The Playboy Advisor
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase
The Playboy Forum - an interchange of ideas between reader and editor on subjects raised by "the playboy philosophy"
The Dispatcher (fiction) by Gerald Green
The GT (modern living) by Ken W. Purdy with photography by Douglas Kirkland, Marvin Koner, J. Barry O'Rourke
an insightful appraisal of the current crop and the storied history of motordom's new glamour car, the grand turismo
including the Toyota 2000, Iso Grifo, Maserati Ghibli, Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari 330 GTC, Lotus Europa and others
Science Marches On (humor) by Richard Armour
The Man Who Wrote Letters To Presidents (fiction) by William Wiser
Striped For Action (attire) by Robert L. Green
The Underground Press (article) by Jacob Brackman
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
Mix Mastery (attire) by Robert L. Green
Anson's Last Assignment (memoir) by Tom Mayer
A Horse's Head (fiction) by Evan Hunter
Ice & Easy (drink) by Thomas Mario
Room 312 (fiction) by G.L. Tassone
The Double Talk Of Love (ribald classic) by Abbé de Brantôme
Playboy Plays The Commodities Market (article) by Michael Laurence
Little Annie Fanny visits Paris (satire) by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder
DeDe reportedly received more fan mail from soldiers stationed in Vietnam than any other Playmate.
DeDe appears an advert for Playboy subscription in the October 1968 issue and in a retrospective pictorial in the March 1996 issue.
Lisa Baker is Playmate of Month for November 1966.
Sherry Jackson played Terry Williams in the US sitcom Make Room for Daddy between 1953 and 1958.
F. Lee Bailey has been a high profile American litigator for more the 50 years.
178 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.
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