Playboy Magazine August 1966 vol.13, no.8
August 1966, Playboy cover image. Weight ≈ 437g Cover Sissy photographed by Don Bronstein
Playmate Image
Susan Denberg
Picture Playmate
hollywood seconds playboy's premise that miss august ought to be in pictures
Susan Denberg photographed by photographed by Peter Gowland
H. L. Hunt interviewed by Playboy
a candid conversation with the ultra-right-wing texas multibilionaire
The French Fonda
director roger vadim, creator of cinematic sex kitten brigitte bardot, adds a touch of continental catnip to jane fonda's all american appeal
From the French film La Curee and Roger Vadim's Circle of Love.
The Bunnies of Dixie
a pictorial tribute to the land of cotton's cottontailed belles
Paula Holcomb, Tonja Mitchell, Sara Atkinson, Barbara Grant, Diana Anton, Hildy Ballard, Mary McFarland Marlene Everett, Peggy Dorris, Jody Duek, Janice Bishop, Jan Roberts , Peaches Coombs, Delilah Graley, Shari Kelley, Carol Leland Shirley Powell,, Lori Schrueger, Mary Jane McGrath, Carol Bruno, Judy Pressley, Lana Brewer, Kim Hester, Abby Mulligan, Carrie Radison and Bobbi Stephenson
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
The Playboy Advisor
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase
The Playboy Forum - an interchange of ideas between reader and editor on subjects raised by "the playboy philosophy"
Hello, Charlie, Goodbye (fiction) by Ken W. Purdy
The Manuscript Of Doctor Arness (fiction) by Gahan Wilson
The Light Italian Hand (food) by Thomas Mario
Oy Oy 7, Israeli  Bond - On The Secret Service Of His Majesty The Queen Part 2 of 2 (parody) by Sol Weinstein
The Death Of God (opinion) by The Reverend William Hamilton
Go Western, Young Man (attire) by Robert L. Green
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
My Father, His Father And Ben (fiction) by Herbert Gold
The Discovery And Use Of The Fake Ink Blot (humor) by Woody Allen
The New Linen Look (attire) by Robert L. Green
Gentleman Julep (drink) by Thomas Mario
The Case Of The Warbling Cuckold (humor) by Jean Sheperd
An Unusual Cure For A Pain In The Eye (ribald classic)
The History of Sex in Cinema; Part Nine: by Arthur Knight and Hollis Alpert
The Forties - War and Peace in Hollywood
features Lana Turner, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Ava Gardner, Dorothy Lamour, Veronica Lake, Betty Grable, Jane Russell, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth and others plus the bare-breasted centaurs from Disney's "Fantasia" that were cut from the film.
Symbolic Sex (humor) by Don Addis
Susan Denberg appeared in a pictorial in the April 1967 issue.
Jan Roberts is the August 1962 Playmate.
Carrie Radison is the June 1957 Playmate.
At the time Oil Magnate Haroldson Lafayette Hunt was 77 years old.
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