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Playboy Magazine November 1958 vol.5, no.11

November 1958, Playboy cover image.

Weight 214g


Marianne Gaba Photographed by Don Bronstein

Playmate Image


The Shapely Miss Staley
  a channel charmer in compatible color
Joan Staley photographed by Ron Vogel and Lawrence Schiller
The Cards are Stacked
  cards for all occasions.- with nude models
concept by Jack Roberts, photographed by Hal Adams
Peekaboo Brigitte
nude scenes from the films of Brigitte Bardot
The Man With The Golden Charm Has Become The Love God Of Our Time
Frank Sinatra by Robert George Reisner.

Articles and Features

The Marvelous Lover (fiction) by Joyce Engelson
Oh Well What The Hell (satire) by John D. Keefauver
on the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Choice Cache For Christmas (gifts)
Fair Game (food) byThomas Mario
What's The Bad Worm (article) by Wilfred Funk
The Jam (fiction) by Henry Slesar
A Sock In The Jaw (fiction( byKen Purdy
Silverstein In Switzerland (humor) sketches by Shel Silverstein
Custom At Christmas (gifts)
Fun And Fashion On Skis (sport/afflre) by Iselin And Spectorsky
Stubborn As A Mule (ribald classic) by jacques Redelsperger
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) Patrick Chase


In a strange coincidence Joan Staley and Joyce Nizzari the playmate who follows her were born on the same day, 20th May 1940.  It'd be great to know at what time to see who was first.

96 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.

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