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Playboy Magazine May 1958 vol.5, no.5

May 1958, Playboy cover image.
Weight 179g

Lari Laine photographed by Ron Vogel

Playmate Image
Country Club Cutie
  miss may is a fetching fixture at million-dollar knollwood
Lari Laine photographed by Ron Vogel at the Knollwood Country Club
Playboy's Little Acre by Richard German, photographed by Ormond Gigli
  We Lend a Helping Hand in the Filming of a Caldwell Classic God's Little Acre
  with photos of Tina Louise and Aldo Ray
The Birth Of A Broadway Show (article) by Richard Gehman
  Oh Captain! From Initial Notion to Opening Night
  with photos of Jay Livingston, Tony Randall, Abbe Lane, Jimmy Starbuck, Asia
Mercoolova, Jacquelyn McKeever, Ernest Adler and Miles White in rehearsals
with writers Jose Ferrer and Al Morgan.
Adieu, Tristesse
A Puckish Pritty Brightens the Filming of the Bonjour Book

with Elga Andersen, Jean Seberg, Deborah Kerr and David Niven, at Aly Khan's French Riviera villa
Articles and Features The Man In The Well (fiction) by Berkely Mather
Wizards Of A Small Planet (article) by Anthony Boucher
The Life And Death Of A Spanish Grandee (article) by Ken Purdy
Spring House Party (attire) by Frederic A Birmingham, illustrated by Leroy Nieman
Happy As A Clam (food) by Thomas Mario
Apartness (humor) by William Iversen
This One Is On The House (fiction) by Pat Frank, illustrated by Mueller
Shirt Shrift (attire) by Blake Rutherford


Hard Bargain (fiction) by Alan E. Nourse, illustrated by Bob Christiansen
Full Page Illustrations (humor)
cartoons by Jack Cole, Gahan Wilson and A. Erikson

  Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase
Lari Laine was a pseudonym used by Corrine Cole because her dad was considering running for Congress, and she didn't want her Playboy appearance to get in the way.
Tina Louise played Ginger Grant in the US TV show Gilligan's Island. Tina also appears in pictorials in the May 1957 and April 1959 issues.

80 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.

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