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Playboy Magazine July 1959 vol.6, no.7
July 1959, Playboy cover image.
Weight 237g

Invitation to Yachting - Bea Paul collage

Playmate image
Beat Playmate
we find a beautnik in a coffee house
  Yvette Vickers photographed by Russ Meyer
Making A Splash photographed by Sam Wu
Tania Velia

Articles and Features


No Fire Burns (fiction) by Avram Davidson
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (entertainment) by Leonard Feather

Two's A Crowd (humor) by Francis D. Collins and John Dempsey
Sorcerer's Moon (fiction) by Charles Beaumont
The Little World Of Oscar Levant (personality) by Maurice Zolotow
Charcoalmanship (food) by Thomas Mario
Superman (satire) cartoon by Jules Feiffer
The Coffee Houses Of America (article ) by Jim Morad
The Sound Of Beat (verse) from Kerouac, Corso and Ginsberg
Plain And Fancy (attire) Robert L. Green
Happiness For Fun And Profit (humor) by Meredith Willson
Invitation To Yachting (modern living)
The Incredible Adventures Of Dino (fiction) Herbert Gold
Teevee Jeebies (satire) cartoons by Shel Silverstein
No (ribald classic) by Theophilo Braga
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase
Yvette Vickers was the daughter of jazz musician Charles Vedder, she changed her last name in 1950.
Tania Velia was a swimmer on the Yugoslavian team in the 1954 Olympics and a Former Miss Yugoslavia. She defected in 1955 when the swim team competed in Austria.
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