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Playboy Magazine July 1956 vol.3, no.7

July 1956... Click for larger.
Weight 162g
Miss July is a writer
an m.a., a phi beta kappa, and a pretty playmate, too
  Alice Denham photographed by Mike Shea and Lawrence Tirschel.
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Actress Marla English photographed by Peter Gowland

Articles and Features


The Deal (fiction) by Alice Denham
The Truckdriver (fiction) by Alberto Moravia

The Newport Jazz Festival by George Wein
with photos of Dinah Washington, Pee Wee Russell, Paul Desmond, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman , Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, Gerry Mulligan and others.


Good Sports! (attire)
Some Guys Get It (article) by Harlan Draper
Skoal To Scandinavia (travel) by Patrick Chase
Playboy At The Salad Bowl (food) by Thomas Mario
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor)
The Catcher In The Wry (satire) by Robert Turner
Clementine On Vacation (humor) cartoons by artist Jean Bellus
The Woman In The Case (ribald classic) by Anton Chekhov
Best Foot Forward (attire) by Frank Carioti including LeRoy Neiman sketches
The Dream House And How To Avoid It (satire) by Shepherd Mead
Nellthu (fiction) by Anthony Boucher
Playboy's Bazaar (buying guide)

Alice Denham is the only Playmate to have written a short story that was published in the same issue as her centrefold.
Alice is also the first Phi Beta Kappa Playmate .

George Wein. with the help of socialite Elaine Lorillard, set up the Newport Jazz Festival in 1954. In this the 3rd year the Duke Ellington Orchestra's performance of "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue" would become the stuff of legend.

This issue also contains the first Shel Silverstein cartoon to appear in Playboy.

72 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.

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