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Playboy Magazine February 1956 vol.3, no.2

February 1956, Playboy cover image.
Weight 162g

(clockwise from upper left)
Pat Lawler, ?, Margaret Scott and Eve Meyer photographed by Arthur James


Marguerite Empey photographed by Ken Paker.


Will Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield? by Earl Wilson, photos by Hal Adams.
Chuckles With Your Cocktails by Ted M. Levine
Preparing To Be A Playmate - Marguerite Empey

Articles and Features

The Crack Of Doom (fiction) by Don Marquis, illustrated by Leroy Neiman
Boxing 1956 (sports) by Ed Pazdur
Playwright On A Hot Tin Roof (satire) by Ray Russell
Steak For Two (food) by Thomas Mario
On The Cuff (attire) by Jack J. Kessie
Mary (fiction) by John Collier
How To Get Stoned On Fifty Cents (travel) by Mack Reynolds
Dressing The Part (satire) by Shepherd Mead
Stan Kenton profile (jazz) by Bill Russo with photos by Herman Leonard
What's Your Pleasure? (quiz) by Joseph C. Stacey
The Impromptu Physician (ribald classic) by Casanova
The Long Blue Nose Of The Law (article) Noble & Averbuch
At Ease (attire) by Blake Rutherford
Playboy's Bazaar (buying guide)


Marguerite Empey's pictorial  includes an underwater photo which clearly shows her pubic hair, a Playboy first normally attributed to Liv Lindeland in the January 1971 issue. The second was probably Melodye Prentiss Miss July 1968.
Marguerite Empey also appeared as the Playmate in the May 1955 issue.
Jayne Mansfield appeared as the Playmate in the February 1955 issue and in pictorials in the February 1957 and 1958 and June 1963  issues.

72 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.

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