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Playboy Magazine August 1957 vol.4, no.8

August 1957, Playboy cover image.
Weight 162g

Dolores Donlon photographed by Peter Gowland

The Girl Next Door
miss august imparts new meaning to the love thy neighbor bit
  Dolores Donlon photographed by Peter Gowland
The Face Is Familiar by E. Arnold
Top Model, Promising Playwright -- Nice Work If You Can Get It.
Lionel Wiggam
The View from the Penthouse photographed by David Linton.
voyeuristic pictorial 

Articles and Features

Incident Off Land's End (fiction) by Jacob Hay
The Goofy Girls (nostalgia) by Robert Paul Smith
Color-coding The Basic Wardrobe (attire) by Blake Rutherford
Balance Sheet (fiction) by Morton Fineman
Denison's Sports Cars (sport) paintings by Ben Denison
Do Nice Artistic Girls? (fiction) by Herbert Gold
The Maxims Of Maize (food) by Thomas Mario
Five Card Poker And The Hell With It (opinion) by Max Shulman
The Watch Word (accessories)
Hemingway - A Title Bout in Ten Rounds (pastiche) by Jed Kiley
Lovers Aloft (ribald classic) by Joseph Addison
Take Your Seats (humor) by Ray Russell
Bluebeard (ballad)
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase


Dolores was 30 when she posed for her Playmate shoot.

72 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.

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