It's the one that started it all: the December 1953 issue of Playboy featuring Marilyn Monroe as the Centerfold.

All of the original copies from that first production run have long since ended up in the hands of Playboy fans, subscribers and collectors

Playboy produced an exact reproduction of that landmark publication and coveted piece of pop culture history. These reprinted issues present all of the original articles, advertisements and photographs precisely as they appeared back in '53, so that generations of new readers may enjoy them all over again.

Only 20,000 copies of this reproduction were printed and even those have now sold out.

The original had 2 staples and a black square in the upper right corner. The Limited Edition reprint has 3 staples and a black rectangle in the upper right corner. Otherwise they are identical.

Playboy December 1953 Cover Image
  Marilyn Monroe