Playboy Magazine June 2006 vol.53, no.6
June 2006, Playboy cover image.
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Kara Monaco photographed by Arny Freytag
Kara Monaco played Cinderella at Disney World, was named one of America's sexiest bartenders and then became a Playmate. Now Miss June is your 2006 Playmate of the Year, and the platinum-haired princess returns in a gilded carriage to live out her fairy tale come true. Senior Contributing Photographer Arny Freytag captures the magic. Our Rabbit is in line to be her Prince Charming.
Sweeter Than Cotton Candy
Midwestern beauty Miss June outsweets cotton candy as she frolics at a small-town carnival
Stephanie Larimore photographed by Stephen Wayda

Shepard Smith interviewed by David Sheff
Fox News' irreverent newscaster gets candid about why verbs are optional, the Hurricane Katrina wake-up call and the infamous time he blurted out "blow job" on live TV
20 Questions
Jason Lee interviewed by Eric Spitznagel
The skateboarder turned actor rates other celebrities' mustaches, defends naming his son Pilot Inspektor and speaks frankly about his fascination with Burt Reynolds by Eric Spitznagel
Kara Monaco photographed by Arny Freytag
Striking a blow for Miss Junes everywhere, Kara becomes the first of her month to win Playmate of the Year

The Red Hot Girls Of My Space

Here are hands down (and clothes off) the nine sexiest girls in the hottest neighborhood in cyberspace
Articles & Featuures Playbill
The World Of Playboy - hef sightings, mansion frolics and nightlife notes
Super Bowl Super Bash
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
The Playboy Advisor
Don't Spy On Me (opinion)
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
2006: A Myspace Odyssey (article) by Dave Itzkoff
Proactive Keller (fiction) by Lawrence Block
Fairway To Heaven (sports) by Gary Mccord
Rosebud (article) by Heather Caldwell
Playboy's Party Jokes (humour) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
The Wit And Wisdom Of John Kruk (personality) by Pat Jordan
Polo Country (fashion) - Brioni Unveils A New Polo-inspired Line Of Shirts And Jackets
Solar Flair (fashion)
Metal Bands (fashion) by Joseph De Acetis
Where And How To Buy
Playmate News - miss february 1986 julie mccullough wants to tickle your funny bone
Playboy On The Scene - what's happening, where it's happening and who's making it happen
Playboy Potpourri people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement

Kara Monaco is the June 2005 Playmate.
Julie McCullough is the February 1986 Playmate.

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