Playboy Magazine January 2007 vol.54, no.1
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Pamela Anderson photographed by Sante D'Orazio
Pam Anderson has graced our cover more times than anyone else in history, and it's easy to see why. Cultural historan Neal Gabler says, "She is a sex symbol without apologies or complications or affectations, which means there is no one else quite like her." Top glamour photographer Sante D'Orazio captures pure Pam in never before-published photos worthy of a goddess. Our Rabbit gets tangled up in the moment.
Girl from the North Country
  O Canada! Meet Miss January Jayde Nicole
Jayde Nicole photographed by Arny Freytag
T. Boone Pickens interviewed by David Sheff with photography by Ric Moore
a candid conversation with the legendary tycoon about the gloomy future of oil, the bright future of water and his successful fight with depression
20 Questions
Ellen Pompeo interviewed by Stephen Rebello with photography by Mark Liddell
Dr. Meredith Grey talks about her anatomy, dating older men, the pain of ending up on the cutting room floor and why mean waitresses get the best tips
babe of the month
Jade Gallagher - This folky chick rocker pulls no punches - photographed by Mick Rock
employee of the month
Warm Reception - Won't someone reach out and touch lonely cell-phone temptress Jo Garcia?
The Passion Of Pam by Neal Gabler with photography by Sante D'Orazio
The ultimate blonde of the 20th century - pure sex with no apologies
  Pamela Anderson is the quintessential Playboy icon. Reacquaint yourself with the evidence.
The Year in Sex
All the memorable displays of flesh and notable sexcetera we fashion could fit onto seven hot pages.
Playboy'sPlaymate Review:
  Study the 12 candidates' most persuasive positions, then vote for Playmate of the Year.
Athena Lundberg, Cassandra Lynn, Monica Leigh, Holley Ann Dorrough, Alison Waite, Stephanie Larimore, Sara Jean Underwood, Nicole VossJanine Habeck, Jordan MonroeSarah Elizabeth, Kia Drayton
Features The Playboy Advisor illustrated by Istvan Banyai
The Greatest Show In Sports by Kevin Cook
The Immigration Mess by Jimmy Breslin
Party Of The Year! by Janet Woolley
Illustration by Olivia in the style of Vargas
Ringing In The New Year
Marriage & Magazine St. by Robert Stone, illustrated by Jim Salvati
2007 Cars Of The Year by Ken Gross with photography by Richard Izui
Centerfolds On Sex: Tina Bockrath
  Fiction The Myth Of Sisypha by Walter Mosley, illustrated by Tomer Hanuka
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katerina Satkova, Victoria Beckham, Sophia Monk, Ell MacPherson, Tara Moss

Jayde Nicole Is the 49th Playmate Of The Year and her pictorial appears in the June 2008 issue.
Tina Bockrath is Miss May 1990
Of all of the covers over the years there are few that rely solely on a black & white image. That is with no other graphics constituting the cover except content highlights. There's this one, the first issue's cover,  those of May 1973, July 1988, although they both have a slight sepia tint and the June 1993 cover of Anna Nicole Smith photographed by Daniela Federici.
Pamela Anderson is the February 1990 Playmate; this is her 12th cover for Playboy.
T. Boone Pickens is an oil tycoon and corporate raider.
Ellen Pompeo plays lovelorn Dr. Meredith Grey on the US TV show Grey's Anatomy.

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