Playmate August 1954
August 1954
Arline Hunter

Arline was equal parts actress and pin-up girl when California-based photographer Edward DeLong shot her centerfold, an obvious tribute to the less famous of Tom Kelley's Marilyn Monroe nudes, on speculation for a photo agency in New York.

Arline (or Arlene, as her name was often spelled at the time) is perhaps best known today as the star of the nudie short "Apple Knockers and Coke," a role that has been frequently (and erroneously) attributed to Monroe.

---- Photography by Edward DeLong

Birth date and place

Not recorded.

Hair Eyes Bust Waist Hips Height Weight
        38"   24"   35" ? ?

Arline Hunter starred in the 1948 short film "The Apple-Knockers and The Coke" not, as is often mistakenly said, Marilyn.

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