Playmate June 1964
June 1963
Lori Winston
Premium Playmate
insurance secretary lori winston is a delightful june dividend

Because insurance companies evoke images of monolithic statistical tables and multipage rate charts and contracts, we were especially pleased when we recently discovered one that offered a surprise dividend far more to our taste.

Her name is Lori Winston, and she cuts a fine actuarial figure as girl Friday for a lucky Los Angeles insurance exec. Daughter of a captain in the L.A. fire department, 19-year-old Miss June attributes her healthy good looks to the beneficent rays of the golden California sun, in which she spends as much time as she can, preferably in sufficient seclusion to permit indolent, allover tanning.

But she’s also an active sportswoman, with a strong preference for the water-borne life. As she puts it, “I love everything outdoorsy, especially sailing. In fact, I’m saving up to buy a Tahiti ketch — and spend the rest of my life cruising to the world’s most exotic ports of call.” But that’s only one ambition of this girl. She also wants to be an artist, plans to take lessons which will discipline her freewheeling artistic ebullience. These and other dreams she discusses with her more thoughtful dates — the kind of males she most admires. In lighter moods she likes to go night-clubbing with a date — preferably to hear the sounds of Maynard Ferguson. At home, Lori might treat a boyfriend to her Mexican specialties (“I’m quite a cocinera when it comes to chili and tortillas”), or, on dateless nights, curl up with an adventure novel or make silk-screen prints of urban scenes. Needless to say, she can make our urban scene any time.

Twenty-year-old Lori has made considerable progress in two directions since her June appearance. She was anxious to pursue an artistic career and equally hoooked on the nautical life of Southern California. In short, she was hopelessly caught between the easel and the deep blue sea – an unfortunate dilemma for such a seeworthy lass. After enrolling in an evening course in art history at Long Beach State College, Lori found a solution to her conflicting interests by using her money to buy an 18-foot day sailer. Now, when she’s finished her weekday chores, our able-bodied mate heads out to sea.

Avid sailor Lori told an interviewer she was saving up to buy a Tahiti ketch and sail around the world. But she settled for a more attainable goal by investing her modeling fee in an 18-foot day sailer, aboard which she could navigate the waters near her home in Long Beach, California.

---- Photography by Edmund Leja

To study art and someday be able to go into it.

XKEs, the color violet, gardenias, buying hats..

Conceited men and women, stupid drivers, continuous talkers who say nothing.

Art, shooting, swimming, water skiing, snow skiing, volleyball, nudism.

I'm studying art at Los Angeles State.

FAMILY LIFE: I have two younger brothers and three younger sisters.

"Tom Jones," "Gone With the Wind," "The Guns of Navarone," "The Man with the Golden Arm."

One of my ancestors, William Blount, signed the U.S. Constitution.

Mexican food, rum drinks, potatoes with cheese with my steak.

Kindness, thoughtfulness, ambition.

Birth date and place

August 24, 1944 in Pasadena, California USA

Hair Eyes Bust Waist Hips Height Weight
        34"   23"   34"   5' 2"   110 lbs
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