Playboy Magazine March 1994 vol.41, no.3
March 1994, Playboy cover image.
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Cover Shannen Doherty photographed by Michel Comte
Safe Sex, Great Sex started out as a shoot for Playboy and turned into a project bigger than photographer Michel Comte could have imagined. He shot almost 200 men and women, creating intimate portraits to encourage safe sex; those photos-have been auctioned, featured in Playboy or put on exhibit in return for donations to AIDS foundations. On our cover this month, Beverly Hills 90210's bad girl, Shannen Doherty, lends her image to the cause.
Playmate Naturally, Its Neriah
meet miss march: treasure of the sierras
Neriah Davis photographed by Stephen Wayda
Interview Anthony Hopkins interviewed by Lawrence Grobel with photography Lori Stoll
a candid conversation with britain's preeminent actor about battling directors, shunning shakespeare and becoming the world's most famous cannibal
20 Questions Halle Berry interviewed by Margy Rochlin with photography by Gwendolen Cates
hollywood's freshest face speaks out on insulting rap lyrics and recreational swearing and warns robin givens not to pick a fight
Profile Nigel’s Wild Ride by Sam Moses illustrated by David Levine
nigel mansel the champion lola-flogger and oval-killer, has proved on thing—in the high stakes game of motor racing, it doesn't get any better than this
Pictorials Safe Sex, Great Sex photographed by Michel Comte
using the power of imagination to counter the scourge of our times
Shannen Doherty, Martina Jones (daughter of Quincy Jones), Libby Edelman (shoe and clothing impresario of Sam & Libby), Sofia Coppola, Zoe Cassavetes (daughter of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands), Donovan Leitch (son of singer Donovan), Sonia Braga, Kelly Lynch, Mariel Hemingway, Dominique Comte, Sandra Bernhard, Mimi Rogers, Helena Christiansen, Jenny Shimizu and Carla Bruni
Playboy’s World Tour "94
an assembly of international beauties to honor 40 years of global playboy
Nikki Petersen, Klaudia Kovarikova, Eliza Vezer, Asli, Cristina Mortagua, Hitomi Morase, Kim van der Vlerk, Patricia Jacqueline Nicholson, Gwendolyn Boot, Linda Zwaan, Hsiu-Fen Lee, Rachel ter Horst, Claire-Louise, Monica Guido, Malwina Rzeczkowska, Victoria Llena, Maggie Ng, Jiussana Briseno, Marketa Vaculova and Mari Alexandre
Articles and Features
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Raw Data, Movies, Video, Music, The Music Biz, Hollywood, Style, Nightlife, Wired, Books
Fitness Smarts (lifestyle) by Jon Krakauer
Men - A Foot In The Door by Asa Baber
Women - Girls' Night Out: Why? by Cynthia Heimel
The Playboy Advisor, illustrated by Pater Sato
The Playboy Forum - the continuing dialogue between playboy and its readers
Reporter's Notebook: Guns N' Poses (opinion) by Robert Scheer also see July . . .
Adultery (article) by William Masters, Virginia Johnson and Robert Kolodny, illustrated by Rafal Olbinski
The Courting Of Molly Swenson (fiction) by Ray Dean Mize, illustrated by Bryan Leister
The Golden Age Of Stupid (humor), illustrated by Steve Boswick
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
All Eyes On Court TV (article) by Craig Vetter, illustrated by David Wilcox
Calvin Klein (fashion) by Hollis Wayne with photos by Dan Lecca and illustrations by Tracy Sabin
Literary Golf (humor) by Bob Sloan, illustrated by Steven Guarnaccia
Silverstein's Zoo (satire) - 4 pages of animal cartoons and poetry - by Shel Silverstein
Where And How To Buy
Playboy On The Scene - what's happening, where it's happening . . .
Grapevine . . . and who's making it happen
Salt-N-Pepa, Cherllyn Shea, Lauren Christy, Eddie Vedder, Smashing Pumpkins, Willem Dafoe, Michele Meyer, Kathe Weeks
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
Playmates In Paradise
Playmates in Paradise

March 1994
Excellent Plus£17.99

Halle Berry is interviewed for the January 2003 issue and appears in "Playboy's 25 Sexiest Celebrities" in both the March 2005 and March 2006 issues.
Mariel Hemingway also appears in her own pictorials in the April 1982, January 1984 and April 1997 issues.
Page 2 carries a full page B&W "Obsession For Men" advert featuring Kate Moss photographed by Mario Sorrenti.
Dian Parkinson advertises her "Celebrity Centerfold Video" on page 49. She appears on the cover and in a pictorial in the December 1991 and May 1993 issues.

162 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.