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Playboy Magazine October 2000 vol.47, no.10
October 2000, Playboy cover image.
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Lauren Michelle Hill photographed by Arny Freytag
Conference USA, a college newcomer, boasts serious strength in men's basketball, as well as nine other NCAA sports. Join cover model and cheerleader Lauren Michelle Hill (shot by Arny Freytag) as PLAYBOY salutes the league's other asset: its gorgeous women. Taken with Lauren's denim? The ad with ordering information is on page 74. Our Rabbit has his pen out.
Arts And Croft
miss october proves that beauty is at least skin deep
Nichole Van Croft photographed by Stephen Wayda with the Centerfold by Arny Freytag
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Bob Costas interviewed by Diane K. Shah
The man who will bring us the Olympics may be a cross between Vin Scully and Howard Cosell. Opinionated? Let's just say he lampoons sports talk radio and the vaunted gymnastics coverage and explains why it's dumb to thank God for a TD
20 Questions
Michael Johnson interviewed by Ken Stephens
At the age of 33, the king of the 200 and the 400 aims for Olympic gold. He also wants to reform American track and field. A talk with a very fast man.
Of Heat And Hedonism photographed by George Georgiou and Mark Deward Harris
At Jamaica's latest club, guests live out their steamiest fantasies
Girls of the Conference USA photographed by David Mecey, Mizuno and David Rams
The college newcomer is top-rated with our photographers
Erica Wally, Nicole Ratliff, Sarah Coleman, Dannette Stanley, Jennifer Lyn Harris, Amy Barnett, Terah Chin, Natalie Trask, Shannon Kirby, Anna Harris, Jessica Carmichael, Nicole Reno, Elizabeth Edmondson, Nicolette Reeves, Stephanie Heinrich, Brittany Leigh, Eva Renee, Heather Malone, Julie Geoghegan, Jessica Mauch, Cara Waronicki, Erin Stubbe, Alica Goldman, Amy Warner, Mandy Fisher, Linda Hubacova, Brooke Moore, Jennifer Cross, Ami Holley, Sidra McCain, Jennifer Johnston, Skylar Brobson, Nicole Washington, Lauren Marie, Jennifer Boehm, Erica Jasen, Dana Sestokas, Helene Kersey, Genevieve Almodovar, Tiffany Sneed, Laura Langdon, Vanessa Rains, Tiffany Richmond, Sabrina Trevino, Amppy Basa, Shiley Coverdale and Carmen Mendes

Articles & Features

World Of Playboy - - ESPN scores a Mansion knockout; Bill Maher tapes
Hef's Fight Club - Heavyweights Mia St. John, Laila Butterbean and Darya
Aloha Brande - James Woods, Jon Lovitz and Stephen Doll"; American Beauty's Thora Birch came up roses
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
The Playboy Advisor
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers

Casualty In The War On Drugs (article) by Jim Dwyer
Eleven Things You Didn't Want To Know About Spinal Tap (article) by Chip Rowe
. . . this time they're for real. Or are they?

Crazy Hand Jive (modern Loving) by Beth Tomkiw
The Collection Treatment (fiction) by Yael Schonfeld
Campus Fashion (fashion) Joseph De Acetis
It's All Hype
Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
Playboy's Pigskin Preview (sports) by Gary Cole
Toon In!
Dave's Garage: Round 2 (cars) by David Stevens
Where And How To Buy
Diggin' The Buddha by Anthony Kiedis
Playmate News - Rebekka on E; Heidi at the altar; Rachel at sea
Playboy On The Scene - what's happening, where it's happening and who's making it happen
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
Lauren Hill, the February 2001 Playmate makes her first appearance in the Girls of the Conference USA pictorial.
Anthony Kiedis is the lead vocalist of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers.
188 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.
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